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This article is a walk through on how to use If you need help on getting set up with, getting a username, password set up and finding our jurisdiction id, please visit our article Getting inspectors setup to do inspections online.

This guide if for building inspectors only, if your are a zoning or code enforcement inspector please refer to our other guides which should be released in the coming weeks of when this article is released.

First navigate to either and login with your proper credentials (obtained through the guide linked above).

Here you will see the following main screen:


Notice that the at the top of the screen it reads: “You’re currently in TEST MODE. No changes will be written to the database.”  You will see this on the screen through the entire guide, with this set you can navigate through the entire website without worrying about submitting false inspections. If this isn’t set then you can click the button on the bottom of the form labeled “Turn Test Mode ON”. We recommend that you login, turn test mode on and follow this guide as we go over the website.

There are 4 main sections:

All My Inspections

  • These are all inspections assigned to you for all days

All My Inspections Today

  • These are all inspections assigned to you only today

Other Inspections

  • These are all inspections assigned to all inspectors on all days
  • With this section you can do an inspection assigned to other inspecors


  • New Inspection
    • Clicking on this button you can search for a property or permit and do a new inspection that has not yet been scheduled
  • Search
    • Here you can search for detailed information on properties, issued, completed and other permits as well as contractors.
  • Enter Inspector Notes
    • This is where you enter a note to send back to the office which the permit clerks will be able to read from their web requests.
  • Review Inspection Log
    • Here you can view a day by Day inspection log


Doing a new inspection

From the main screen select one of your new inspections for the day and click “Do Inspection”


On this screen there are 2 sections:

  • Inspection information section
    • This is the upper most section on the form it includes all information about the inspection including: Permit information, Property information, Inspections details, Custom fields if they are added to the inspection, Related permits, these are either subpermits or other relevant permts.
  • Result entry section
    • This is where you enter the results and notes for the permit.
    • Any required field will either be in bold or you will receive a pop up once you enter a result if something important such as Result is required after you click “Submit Inspection Results”

After you click “Submit Inspection Results” and all of your required fields have been filled in you will be taken to an Inspection report page. This is a summary of the results that have been submitted. At the bottom of this page you may also click the button to email results. This will email a copy of the results to both the email of you (the inpector) and the primary contractor on the permit if their corresponding person record has an email address.





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