How to troubleshoot print errors

1 . Printing a new form only prints the previously printed permit.

The way that blueprince prints is it creates a temp.pdf file in the same directory that blueprince.exe is in. Under some circumstances this temp.pdf file does not get over written. In order to ensure that the new file overwrites the old one

There are two main things that you need to check.

  1. Makes sure that the UAC for the logged in user gives it admin privileges to run Blueprince.
  2. Make sure that the user has access rights for the folder that the temp.pdf is being created in.

 In order to make sure that this isn’t a problem, we recommend that the BluePrince clients are written outside of the “Program Files”


  1. The printed file simply does not open.

There are 2 main fixes for this problem. The first is ensuring proper permissions like in the previous solution.   

Also make sure that you have a pdf viewer installed and set to open pdf files by default.


  1. An error is thrown and BluePrince crashes.

This usually happens in instances where there is a data issue. This is something that our support team will have to help you with since they have in depth knowledge of your database and would be glad to help. When you contact support be sure to include which specific permit or form you are trying to print.

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