Common BlueFoot errors and how to fix them


To find the bluefoot error log look in the log directory for a file named either bluefootsvc.log or in the bluefoot directory for a file called activity.log these directories are usually found in the following directories:

C:\Program Files\BUILDERadius\Log



Error: ERROR ESqlApiError exception: A database error occurred: You have an error in your SQL syntax;

Problem: There is an error in an online query.

Solution: Contact Support and send them a copy of the error log


Error: ERROR ESqlApiError exception: A database error occurred: Invalid column name 'LastUpdateTime'. Statement(s) could not be prepared.

Problem: There is a table that has been inserted into the database that shouldn’t be there.

Solution: Make sure no one was inserting tables into the blueprince database. Our system doesn’t create new tables(other than temporary tables)


Error: ERROR EConnectionError exception: A database connection error occurred: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'Apps01' (10061)

Problem: Cannot connect to Mysql

Solution: Make sure that Mysql is running from the services dialog. Or if the mysql server is remote make sure that it is accessible to the bluefoot  server


Error: ERROR EIdSocketError exception: Socket Error # 10060

Problem: Firewall/Sonicwall or antivirus is keeping bluefoot from contacting our server.

Solution: Make sure that the ssl ports are open to ssl connections. As well make sure the firewall/sonicwall isn't blocking traffic to and from

Simply whitelisting the address isn't always enough if the firewall/sonicwall has already marked the traffic as an attack.


Error: ERROR The Jurisdiction ID is not configured in the jurisdiction Table

Problem: There may be 2 bluefoot servers running

Solution: Make sure if you upgraded or migrated servers recently that you have shut down the old server or services

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