An overview of how Blueprince/BlueFoot works  


The purpose of this article is to give a better understanding of how our technology works that way it will be easier for the IT departments that manages the BluePrince to troubleshoot issues.

BluePrince: This is the client application. This application is what the end user works in, was developed on Windows and communicates with the server through MySQL or SQL connection across the network.

  • LocalConfig: This application is where you configure the MySQL connection, and proxy server if necessary. The information from this file is stored in the blueprince.ini file in the same folder. Other information in the ini file includes window position information, this is saved when the user closes any window in BluePrince. In some instances when the user goes from 2 monitors to 1 monitor, the application will launch on the location of the second monitor(which is no longer there) and you cannot see the application. To fix this delete the window location parameter from the ini file, save it and relaunch BluePrince.

BlueFoot: This is the application that communicates from the database to our Web server. BlueFoot connects to our web server through a secure SSL connection and needs to have port 443 open in order to connect. This program connects up to our web server every 5 minutes to sync any changes that have been made to the database. Please note that if BlueFoot does not connect to our server for 5 days, your users will be locked out of the client program.  This program has a similar configuration as the client application called LocalConfig, please contact us if you need help figuring out your jurisdiction id.

Web server: Our Webserver hosts an online backup of your database, this data is what supports all of the online applications: Quickreports,,  If BlueFoot has not connected to our server then the data on these online apps may not be up to date so please ensure that BlueFoot is connected if you get reports that data on reports is incorrect, if BlueFoot is connecting please contact support so that we may force a sync of the data.

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