BluePrince Distorted/Not Displaying Correctly

Welcome to another Simple Fix on the BluePrince forum!


Sometimes BluePrince can become distorted or display incorrectly, making it difficult to perform certain tasks. 

This is almost always caused by adjusting windows scaling or DPI scaling to a value over 100%.


This is a known issue and our developers are working on fixing it, as we realize some of the text on certain displays is hard to read without scaling on.


In order to resolve this issue, simply reset the scaling back down to it's default value, which should be 100%. To adjust the scaling setting, simply navigate to the Control Panel, then select the category Appearance and Personalization, then Display. Once there you will see the settings that need changing.

Once you adjust the setting, Windows will advise you to log out of your account in order for the change to take effect. Once you log back in, BluePrince should be back to normal and functioning correctly.

If changing the setting does not fix the issue, please contact support by either emailing,, or by giving us a call at 828-350-9950.



The BluePrince Team

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