Why do I get an error when printing PDFs out of BluePrince?

With the advent of Windows7 Microsoft has included a lot more of their security features by default which can cause problems when either installing or running software if not done by an admin user and/or with proper permissions. Some things to take note of:

**Read/Write permissions:: I've seen a few different issues that folks have ran into on Windows7 that were due to the windows user account that was running BluePrince not having full read/write permissions to the BluePrince folder. It's important to make sure your users have full Read/Write permissions to the BUILDERadius folder and all of it's sub folders as the installers, as well as some actions in the programs, need to be able to create subfolders and files within.

** Compatibility Mode:: If you have problems running a program in Windows7 and it worked correctly on an earlier version of Windows, a lot of times using the Compatibility Mode setting can help. To access this you need to right click on the installer/program you're wanting to run and go to Properties. There should be a Compatibility tab and on said tab you'll see the Compatibility Mode group box. Click the checkbox and then select an appropriate option from the dropdown (usually either Windows XP SP3 or it might read 'Previous versions of Windows').

** Run as Administrator:: Another option that can help when a program isn't able to do something that it should be able to due to user and/or permissions settings. Simply right click on the program in question and select the run as administrator option. One extra thing to note here is that for whatever reason Windows doesn't give this option directly for .msi files, only .exe files. One way I've seen mentioned to be able to run an .msi installer file 'as administrator' is to launch a command prompt window as administrator (click the start button and type in cmd into the search bar, then right click on cmd.exe and run as administrator) and then browse to the directory that has the .msi file in it and run it directly from the cmd prompt.

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