How to get your jurisdiction connecting again

If your BluePrince server has stopped connecting to our web server, please try the following the re-establish connection.

  1. Open Windows Services on your BluePrince server machine
  2. Locate "BlueFootService"
  3. Click "Stop" and then "Start" (don't use the restart option because if it's hung it will appear it stops/starts but really doesn't)

If you are unable to stop the service it is most likely hung. You can either reboot said machine and let the service start naturally or you can try the following:

  1.  Open TaskManager 
  2. Locate "BLUEFO~2.EXE" process and kill selected process
  3. Open Windows Services
  4. Start "BlueFootService"
  5. Refresh the window to verify the service is still running
If at this point, you can not get the service to remain running or you continue to receive connection failure emails from us, please contact support.
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