BluePrince Release Notes

BluePrince Release Notes:

  • View Version History will open an updated, nicely formatted Release Notes Notes document (.doc) instead of the old plain text document. (BluePrince Toolbar > Help > View Version History)

  • QuickReports Link has been updated to go to (BlueReport > QuickReports)

  • Sharing screens with BluePrince Support now quick and easy. Share Screen option now opens in default web browser and prompts BluePrince User for the Meeting ID from Support. (BluePrince Toolbar > Help > Share Screen)\

  • QuickReport added to website. Building Permits with Permit Square Footage (5) - now includes Owner Name instead of Contractor Name

  • on Paid Invoice / Receipt Printouts, lengthier Jurisdiction Names won't overlap the "Paid Receipt", "Due Invoices", "Paid Invoices" headings in top right.

  • Training Mode HotFix - Works upon Client Install again.
  • COMPATIBLE with LaserFische 9.1. (NOTE: BluePrince 2.9 is not backwards compatible with older versions of LaserFische)

  • <<PropertyParcel>> now pulls Parcel Number instead of PIN Number. (Form Designer)

  • <<RespPersonAddress> now pulls Responsible Party Address instead of Property Address. (LetterEditor)

  • When creating a Permit or Project, if the Property is on a 'Soft Hold' an ALERT will notify the user the Property they are about to use on the New Permit or Project has a Soft Hold placed on it. This helps user's "flag" specific properties without placing them on a Hold. Soft Hold must be enabled per each User Account under BlueConfig to place a property on a Soft Hold. (BlueConfig > [+] User Accounts > Access Control)

  • now has 'Owner Name' populated on the Inspection Entry Form

  • > Manual Inspection Entry allows Result Field to be BLANK [by choosing .... Result Option] on Inspection Entry Form. Before choosing .... would result in WebRequests getting stopped by BlueFootService. Now, it allows a user to create a manual inspection without posting a result.

  • Bug Fixes, performance issues, and back end software updated to latest versions.


BluePrince Support

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