New QuickReports URL



We have had a server move this past weekend. We changed the URL for QuickReports. For the time being, you'll have to go to the website manually. This will be fixed so the BlueReport > QuickReport option will go to the new/correct URL in the new release.


New QuickReports Site:

Jurisdiction Id: This is typically stateabbreviation_countyname -- if you are unsure of this information contact me and I'll give it to you

User ID: Your BluePrince User Id

Password: Your BluePrince Password

Thanks and sorry for the delay. We're working on getting everything working correctly again. Again, if you try to access QuickReports through BlueReport then clicking QuickReport it will take you to the OLD website. We're fixing this in the new release.

Cory Edwards (
888-592-5336 ext 213


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