Windows 7 Text (DPI) Zoom - FIX

Hi All,

We've been having an issue with customers wanting to increase the Text Size on their computer when using Windows 7.

Typically, when setting the text to be zoomed in to 125% (Medium) or 150% (Large) the BluePrince Toolbar and various screens in BluePrince will distort/overlap the text. This makes it a pain when scheduling inspections, creating permits, etc. We usually recommended changing the Text Zoom to be at 100% (Smaller) which is the default and make the computer's resolution smaller (so items appear larger). However, this does decrease the font size and may make it harder to read.

Now, you can leave the Text Zoom at 125% or 150% and the Toolbar will adjust as well as the various screens in BluePrince.

1. Right-click on the Desktop, go to Personalize

2. Click Display near the bottom left

3. Click 'Set custom text size (DPI)' on the left hand side. On this screen, choose 125% or larger.

4. This is the biggest part, make sure to UN-CHECK 'Use Windows XP style DPI scaling'. By unchecking this, the Toolbar and Forms within BluePrince should adjust accordingly.

5. Click OK, it'll ask you to Log out of Windows and back on. Once you do that, login to BluePrince and the Toolbar should adjust accordingly and not be distorted.


If you have any questions, let us know!

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