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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and give all of our excellent customers an update on what's happening over here at BluePrince. Our team has changed a little bit over the past year and we want to introduce ourselves for those who we haven't come in contact with or haven't introduced ourselves to yet. My name is Cory Edwards and am the main contact for BluePrince Support issues. I take care of any trouble tickets, issues, training, concerns, or handle feature requests that you all may have. You can give me a call or shoot me an email and I will respond as quick as possible. 

Just a bit of a refresher but any issues or problems at all with the software you can contact us:

phone: 888-592-5336

What have we been up to within the past year? We are working toward a new release of BluePrince this summer. Some small tweaks and fixes will be implemented and will be posted on here shortly. For right now, the current release as of 3/20/2013 is version If you are interested in upgrading to the latest version you can find the installer files on the RCenter. To login: Leave Jurisdiction blank, and for username/password use your jurisdiction's name (ex state_county) However, I will say before any upgrading is done that you consult BluePrince Support before doing so to ensure a smooth upgrade. 

A look at our current team:

Employee Email Phone Role
Ryan Frommel 888-592-5336 [ext. 210] BluePrince Manager / Implementation
Thomas Landes 888-592-5336 [ext. 211] BluePrince Software Engineer
Cory Edwards 888-592-5336 [ext. 213] BluePrince Support / Development


 I will do my best to keep this forum updated with everything going on from here on out and try to make your experience better. I will be comprising an updated list of common tickets/issues that I see pretty frequently and put them on here to help answer your questions/issues/problems in a quicker fashion. 

Once again, if you all need anything feel free to send a ticket in or give us a call and we'll do our best to handle your issue quickly and efficiently.  

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